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He claims that there are at least two kinds of volunteers.The first class consists of the people who really want to change their environment.

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Ecological volunteering is extremely important for the quality of the natural environment.

These active people clean coastal areas, parks, woods and streets.

The second group is represented by the young people and graduate students who have to get involved into volunteering in order to receive a good job in future.

Consequently, volunteering is a controversial issue. According to the author, the real volunteers possess their definite type of psychology.

Volunteering helps one see new picturesque places and exotic animals and plants.

When you work for a small firm as a volunteer abroad, you have a brilliant chance to learn something new about the culture and traditions of this country.

Moreover, you learn about the problems and challenges, which affect the life of the majority of people.

At the same time, you broaden your horizons when you travel around your home country and visit other countries in different parts of Earth.

Volunteering is one of the noblest activities of our time.

Volunteering is characterized with the free contribution into the development of the human society.


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