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When it comes to money, there should be no indulgence and only those people who spend much time deciding what education establishment they will enter after school, sooner or later get the job of their dream.

Employers prefer to hire a good specialist who, for example, has studied abroad and knows a couple of foreign languages.

That is why we decided to write and present you this higher education essay, so that you have better idea of why we need education and whether we need it at all. Every person faces one of the most important questions in the life: what to do after finishing school? It is quite difficult to understand what you really want.

There are so many essays about education, but I hope this one will be really useful to you. No one wants to waste the years of youth, parents’ money and lots of efforts for nothing.

Today it is very prestigious to get several higher educations, due to the fact that there is very tough competition on the labor market.

That is why every person tries to show that he / she is educated and fully developed personality that can do any kind of work in any sphere.Potential employer looks at your diploma not only as at guarantees of knowledge and confirmation of proficiency in the specialty, but also as at the result of employee’s sense of purpose, measure of the ability to work and achieve the goals. Some specialties are not available at the higher education establishment, for example, there are just no such education establishments in a country or they are still being developed.These qualities are considered to be positive for any specialty and on any work place. So it is better to get work right after school to gain necessary skills “in the process”.It is quite easy to define whether a person is educated or not.For example, people who for some reasons have not got education are often not interesting interlocutors, illiterate and lazy comparing with the educated people.But if you want to become a beautician, it is better to have basic education, in this case you will need medical higher education.If your dream is to be a successful sales manager, then congenital skills of observation, basic knowledge of human psychology and good communication skills will be enough.Who else but them has big experience and knows where it is better for their child to study?Higher education today becomes more and more popular.There can not be definite answer: the statement is true for some specialties and wrong for others.For example, if you want to become a genius hairdresser, then sure practice and work with a good master is much more useful than college or university education with their “dull” classes.


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