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The second poster oesn’t have any reviews on it however, considering the Liam Neeson is a well-known actor and every film he has done has always had a good review so it was unnecessary to display the reviews that are used in order to interest the audience.

The poster for the second film is different in terms of layout compared to the first poster, the positioning and the montage of the images in the middle of the poster suggests narrative.

The poster is made of three main colours; black, white and dark blue which gives off a negative impact as it makes the poster look rather gloomy and plain.

The cold/dark colours have connotations of metaphorical ‘darkness’ of the film.

Considering his fame, Just his name has been highlighted on the poster and this suggests a sense of familiarity and also predictability as you know what to expect considering that most ot his movies re very familiar.

The poster has an overall dark, gloomy colour scheme, the low key lighting overshadows the slight areas of the poster where bright light can be seen.The main character is dressed in thick clothing which suggests to the audience that the movie will be set during the winter and warm clothing is a uitable idea.One of the characters who is in the boat surrounded by large tree’s in the middle of a lake is holding a flashlight, this implies that they are searching for something as they are most likely also in a remote area which suggests that the narrative will be circled around the genre of mystery.The poster for the first film gives very little away about the plot of the film, although it holds enough information to interest viewers.First of all, it contains lots of reviews from different newspapers and websites who are well known for reviewing the most popular movies.The connotations of this are that she is the main character in the movie and the worried expression on her face expresses the dangers that this certain character is going to face.On the second poster, Just above the title Unknown, there is a name, Liam Neeson, a famous male actor who is very well-known for action/thriller movies.These ctor’s names are displayed at the bottom of the poster amongst the credit block which suggests that they aren’t well known and not one of the main focuses of this film.On the poster itself, it is very obvious that the three characters in the boat are in fact the three main characters.They are located in the middle of a large lake surrounded by giant trees which in comparison with the surroundings, this makes the characters look small and isolated.In the top right hand corner there is a large image of a female character merged into the background dressed in thick winter nspired clothing with a worried expression on her face.


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