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There is much confusion around the terms survey and questionnaire.

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Although they are often designed for statistical analysis of the responses, this is not always the case.” Notice that these definitions don’t make the distinction as to whether or not the data is aggregated or not? Based on these definitions it sounds like a questionnaire is a survey. Here is how it describes a questionnaire and survey: Webster’s New World Compact School and Office Dictionary (4th Edition): This older definition is simple but makes a clear distinction that a questionnaire is a set questions while a survey is the process of analyzing it.

Comparing the old definition against the new definitions tells me that the term ‘questionnaire’ has evolved with the internet.

One key aspect of surveying is how to maximise response rates among the population.

There is a universe of specialised tips and techniques per approach, but some broad general tips to increase the likelihood of those contacted actually responding include: Source:“Survey Research”, Web Center for Social Research Options.

Three primary categories of surveying sampling include probability/random sampling (in which every unit of the population has a probability of being included in the sample) and non-probability/non-random sampling (in which certain elements of the population are intentionally excluded from the possibility of being part of the sample).

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Stratified sampling also involves the identification of sub-populations from the overall population, which are then sampled from randomly.A questionnaire is a series of questions used for gathering information that is used to benefit a single individual.While more than one individual might complete the questionnaire, the responses are not aggregated for analysis.(Each answer includes directions in the third column for proceeding to the next question.) Source: UNICEF.(2010) “Household Questionnaire”, Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey/MICS4.A questionnaire is a specific set of written questions which aims to extract specific information from the chosen respondents.The questions and answers are designed in order to gather information about attitudes, preferences and factual information of respondents.Questionnaires focus on the sampling of a smaller population statistically representative of the wider population in question.This sample, in turn, proves more manageable to study, reducing the investigator’s overall workload and costs while also making it easier to ensure homogeneity and quality within a smaller data-set.In these cases, the responses are not aggregated for analysis.When questionnaires are used to research or evaluate a group, then the questionnaire becomes a study or survey.


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