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Be very specific when you write about accomplishments.Don’t say “increased sales” without saying how much you increased them.

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Even the most caring senior executive simply doesn’t care what you are looking for – he only cares about “what’s in it for me?

” He may care about what you want later when he knows you, but for now it’s all about him.

When these people pick up your resume, they want to know how you will help them solve their business problems - will this CIO candidate solve our ERP problems?

Will that GM be able to turn around our struggling division?

Try to provide context in each position description on your resume instead of just describing your responsibilities.

For example, your position description may begin with: This opening gives the reader an understanding of the challenges you faced when you came into the position.Louise co-founded Blue Sky in 2002 after a career as an HR executive in industries such as music, video games, fashion and advertising. She developed the Blue Sky resume approach, has written three books, and has been a featured expert for Oprah Winfrey Magazine, The Washington Post and The Ladders among many others. She also gardens, with results that can best be described as mixed.Your resume is often an employer’s first impression of you. Today, many employers use job search websites to look for potential candidates.Your formatting should emphasize and reinforce the focus you chose, not distract from it.For many people writing a resume is akin to going to the dentist. But rushing through the process will cheat you out of the opportunities that should rightfully be yours.This means you need to replace the objective statement with a powerful summary that shows how you will add value to potential employers.The key is to demonstrate to the reader that there is a clear fit between your skills and their needs.But if it’s missing even one of these elements, you need to rework it now.Don’t begin your resume with an objective statement that describes your desires and career goals.If you want people to immediately see the financial impact you’ve made in various positions, then use formatting tricks to highlight those numbers.Be sparing with your bolding – remember executive resume writing rule #2 (focus, focus, focus).


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