Ezra Pound Literary Essays

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While imprisoned, he continued to write one of his most famous and lengthy works, called The Cantos. Although he voiced his dislike for the modernist poetry, Pound's legacy was his part in helping to advance the careers of some of the most well-known modernist poets, including e.e. And I am happier than you are, And they were happier than I am; And the fish swim in the lake and do not even own clothing.

While you read the poem, were you able to determine the speaker's message?

What other words did you notice that helped illustrate Pound's contempt?

You probably took note of his discussion of how he and the other writer's opinions 'differed' in 'taste' as well as referring to the readers as 'dull' and how the good poetry is only found in 'stray phrases.' Pound was not one to hide his opinions!

This lesson will conclude with a short, five-question multiple-choice quiz.

Ezra Pound (1885-1972) was an American expatriate poet who spent the majority of his adult life in London, Paris, and Italy.

Criticism is not a circumscription or a set of prohibitions. In the first line, you should have noticed Pound's use of the word 'scribbling' in reference to the current styles of poetry being published.

This is a word that poets would undoubtedly find insulting and offensive; Pound chose this use of diction because, in his opinion, modernist poetry is nothing more than scribbling.

Pound describes the smiles he witnesses on fishermen picnicking, which one can infer would never been seen on the faces of arrogant men performing the same action.

These men Pound describes smile and laugh while doing mundane, everyday tasks, whereas the current, entitled generation worries more about worldly possessions, like clothes; Pound concludes his poem illustrating this exact remark through the image of happy fish frolicking about in the water naked.


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