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Almost every facilities, or facility, management organisation has its own definition, which reflects the diverse nature of the sector. There was no single route of evolution as different countries and companies added services according to local demand and capabilities.

The CEN definition of FM classifies facilities products into two categories: The oldest association for FM companies, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) was founded in 1980 and now consists of 24,000 members in 10​4 countries, who purchase more than US$526 billion annually in products and services (IFMA).

The European FM market alone is now estimated to be worth €640 billion and ranging from 5-8% of GDP in individual countries, while the global market is estimated to grow to $US1.3 trillion by 2018 (ISS, 2014).

Look at which facilities already exist, and ask yourself if they are sufficient, if further facilities may be required in the future, or if the existing facilities need maintenance.

Double check for any duplicates that can be removed.

Below is a sample of some of our commissions across these sectors. Client: SGP Property & Facilities Management – St Georges Hospital Where: St Georges Hospital PFI – Tooting London When: 2011 Services: Market Testing Role Summary: In 2011, OPEX was commissioned to project manage the market testing in conjunction with SGP Property & Facilities Management (Now trading under the name of ‘Bellrock’) for St Georges Hospital in…

Carseview Dundee Mental Health Hospital – FM Benchmarking Client: NHS Tayside, SGP Property & Facilities Management Where: Carseview Dundee Mental Health Hospital When: 2010 Services: FM Benchmarking Role Summary: Opex was commissioned by SGP Property and Facilities Management in July 2010 to produce a FM benchmarking review of their hard and soft FM services to fulfil…

It’s also a good idea to think about the nature and type of the business, as certain buildings or areas require different facilities.

Also think about security, sustainability and people who access the building regularly – what are their needs?

Hard services relate to the physical part of the building and cannot be removed.

They are ‘the essentials,’ and ensure the safety and welfare of employees.


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