Fahrenheit 451 Allusions Essay

Second, the book says, “The rain was thinning away and the girl was walking in the center of the sidewalk with her head up and a few drops falling on her face.” (19) Later on Mildred says, “The rain feels good.I love to walk in it” (19) The people have become so adept to their surroundings by the government.But these people are being brainwashed by the government.

On page 32, the book says “Established,1790, to burn English-influenced books in the colonies. In fact Benjamin Franklin did start the first fire department in 1736.

Another example is, Bradbury uses Montag as an example of a counteraction against the government using foreshadows.

On page 8, the book says “He stood looking up at the ventilator grill in the hall and suddenly remembered that something lay hidden behind the grill, something that seemed to peer down at him now.” (8).

But reading is controlled by the government and Montag is not happy because he wants to learn about them. It controls the people around him but he is becoming aware of it. Lastly, active members of society uses the media to keep everyone in control through the use of dialogue.

If Montag was truly happy he would not be hiding them from people. On page 143, Granger says “They didn’t show the man’s face in focus. Even your best friends couldn’t tell if it was you.


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