Feud Violence And Practice Essays In Medieval Studies

The files of the trial indirectly record certain cultural aspects of the feud (mediation, hierarchies, signs and symbols of conflicts).

Other sources record the social contexts where they developed, making explicit the protagonists and the dynamics of conflict, as well as the methods used to bypass the new forms of social control (connections with the political power, forms of corruption, control of influential and powerful local persons, and so on).

– The protagonists of the feud The analysis of the victim and the accused in the trial.

These are protagonists, who could be considered “new”, which the new trial rituals emphasized through the alleged crimes suffered by the victims, or committed by the indicted.

Legal anthropology, which largely developed in France (Rouland 1994), and the history of law, which has a rich tradition in Italy (Padoa Schioppa 1997 Bellomo 1995) are two examples where the English translation has had considerable influence.

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c) The interrelations between discourses, practices and representations (Rouland 1994) or, in other words between theory, practice and narratives (Munslow 2000), which reflect the interpretative debate among historians and anthropologists, has mainly focused on the first and third points, while the study of practices has been somewhat neglected, especially judicial practices, which include the feud.

But if the role of the accused expresses at the highest level the assertion of a new form of punitive justice which aimed to affirm new forms of social control, the role of the victim and its weak procedural configuration attest the weakening of ancient forms of justice that regulated the feud.

And the victims (the family of the murdered person) do not have a decisive role in the context of the trial.

– Feud and social conflicts The analysis of the links between the feud, as understood in terms of a trial that is the expression of new judiciary procedures, and the feud as an eminently social phenomenon described in numerous sources (diaries, reports, and memoires of the protagonists).

It will be possible to understand the existing difference between practices of containment of the social phenomenon itself.


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