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You can have a research paper written on any part of the First Amendment that you wish.

Learn how to write political science research papers on constitutional issues or political science topics.

The Relevance of The First Amendment There is a discrepancy between what is considered a violation of freedom of speech and what is not.

Many people do not know what is a violation of the First Amendment.

Essay text: Many confront the issues of the right to read freely, freedom of expression in schools, minors’ First Amendment rights, free press, the right to dissent, the right to free association and the freedom of religion, right to privacy and anonymity, unprotected and protected speech, and new technologies, such as the Internet...

Showed first 250 characters As the United States grows and evolves as a government, so does its policies governing the people of its nation.Scripture portrayed God as choosing the king of the people.The Pope, being God's "representative" was then given the authority to crown the king.The policies delivered from the church had more authority than the local rulers and magistrates of the developing feudal system. Augustine wrote about war and what justified its enactment against fellow men (Witt, 1998: 99).This policy was followed and adhered to for hundreds of years after St. Another example, is the use of the Bible as a guideline for establishing governing systems.They also believe that we need not add nor take away from it because they believe that their is no need to alter it.Due to this, many people misinterpret what the First Amendment really stands for.When the Amendment was written, it was originally just for speech, politics and religion.The libertarians believe that we should abide by what the First Amendment says, nothing more or nothing less.The United States government's favoritism of Christianity is a clear violation of the First Amendment.This amendment states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an Even in the early stages of American history there was an urge to put legally protected freedoms into written government documents.


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