Franny And Zooey Essay Questions

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Why did she write the affectionate love letter if she does not love him? Franny and Zooey are the youngest of the Glass children.

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They are competitively absorbed in their own egos, and whatever detachment they have is detachment from humanity.

As such, they lead insecure lives of critical destruction - the section men ruin literature for others, Lane is interested only in his critical paper on Flaubert.

Also that this separations shows that the story is about love just as much as religion and spirituality.

The next example demonstrating Salinger’s spiritual focus through the prayer which Franny reads in the little green book.

The path to Buddhist "no-knowledge" is detachment, the letting go of one's personal ego and selfish concerns to attain enlightened beauty.

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Why does Franny rail against the section men and her professors?

The novel is peppered with Zen Buddhist ideas, largely centering around the concept of "no-knowledge." The Buddhist must clear his head of preconceived ideas in order to attain wisdom.

This process counters Western education, which crams its students with knowledge - Franny complains that the poets at her school don't leave anything beautiful on the page, but only get into your head.

Seymour's diary entry, describing his family's selfless performances for him on his birthday, is a good example of this positive use of ego.

Salinger launches an all-out critique against American bourgeois (middle- and upper-class) culture.


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