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Nowadays, in writing, writing essays or writing paragraphs are given by teachers in colleges and schools, to enhance writing ability and skills in students.It enhances Hindi writing skills and knowledge in any subject on the subject.Forestry, recycling, paper and other natural materials, natural resources (mineral, coal, stone, oil etc.), electricity, water and environmental recycling should be saved, encouraged and supported.

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We must use the habit of reuse of objects (clothes, toys, furniture, books, paper etc.) to reduce dirt and wastes.

We have to stop the wrong activities that increase the level of pollution and global warming.

Due to the misdeeds of human beings, natural resources found on earth are worsening day after day.

It has put life on the planet in danger, due to the lack of favorable environment many wild animals have become completely extinct.

The following 3R rules (reduce, reuse, recycle) can prove to be very effective in saving our precious soil.

Earth is the most precious thing in the universe, which holds the essential things for life, oxygen and water.

Current conditions are very challenging for the existence of healthy life on Earth due to toxic environment, air pollution, water pollution, global warming, eradication of forests and many other environmental issues.

By adopting many simple methods, we can save our planet, however, it depends on the passion and rate of people who adopt good habits.

Save Earth or Save Earth Campaign is a very important social awareness campaign to bring some positive changes on the planet, which everyone should know about.

To bring awareness among the students, teachers can give an essay or paragraph on the topic of saving the Earth.


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