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Over the years, the years the GSG has contributed major scenario assessments for international organizations, and collaborated with colleagues throughout the world.

As the third in a trilogy, Great Transition builds on the earlier Branch Points (Gallopín et al., 1997), which introduced the GSG’s scenario framework, and Bending the Curve (Raskin et al., 1998), which analyzed the long-term risks and prospects for sustainability within conventional development futures.

A new wave must begin to transcend the palliatives and reforms that until now may have muted the symptoms of unsustainability, but cannot cure the disease.

A new sustainability paradigm would challenge both the viability and desirability of conventional values, economic structures and social arrangements.

World peace would be a consequence of the anarchist or communist world.

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According to the dialectic materialist theory of Karl Marx, the humanity is divided in just 2 classes in capitalism, the proletarians -that do not possess the means of production- and the bourgeoisie -that possesses the means of production-, once that the communist revolution, that shall abolish the private propriety of the means of production, have happened, humanity will not be divided anymore and a lot of changes will happen.

The fourth is less tangible, but is the critical underlying element—wide public awareness of the need for change and the spread of values that underscore quality of life, human solidarity and environmental sustainability.

Global change is accelerating and contradictions are deepening.

Depending on how environmental and social conflicts are resolved, global development can branch into dramatically different pathways.

On the dark side, it is all too easy to envision a dismal future of impoverished people, cultures and nature.


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