Gay Marriage Essay Outline

Gay Marriage Essay Outline-21
Additionally, children raised by same-sex couples have been shown to be on par with the children of opposite-sex couples in their psychological adjustment, cognitive abilities and social functioning.

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At the end of the day, same sex marriage will still be a popular topic of debate because of people who ban some things and let some things of the same kind pass. Most people will agree that the ban on same sex marriages is nothing more than prejudice at work.

Soon, we will look back at the arguments against same-sex marriages and see, like the ban on interracial marriages, that they are backed by nothing more than racism, prejudice and fear.

Research by the APA has also shown that marriage provides substantial psychological and physical health benefits due to the moral, economic and social support extended to married couples.

Conversely, recent empirical evidence has illustrated the harmful psychological effect of policies restricting marriage rights for same-sex couples.

describe the situation in your local community or analyze a new initiative of the state senators.

You need to clearly indicate that you don’t support gay marriage in your thesis.

This argument is not different from the one half a century ago, when it was thought almost inconceivable for an African American(“colored”) to share the same water fountain, or ride next to “whites” on a bus.

On a common sense level, do American citizens really think that if a gay marriage is not allowed, the gay citizens are going to stop/change their way of life?

According to the first amendment, the bible has no standing in American law.

Opposing gay marriage, in my opinion is just another form of bias.


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