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Broad MBA admissions representatives conduct the interview and will ask you a common set of questions used for all interviewees.Your interpersonal skills and communication skills are at least as important as the specific content of the interview.

The benefit is that you still get a face-to-face interview with an admissions representative via your computer.

We will get a better impression as to who you are and what you can bring to the program.

After the school receives your application, we will contact you, if your application warrants it, to schedule an interview.

Interviews are held from September through June, and may be conducted by Skype video or in person.

Please inform your references/recommenders to expect a call from the Michigan State University Full-Time MBA program during the application cycle (not all references will be contacted).

You must fill out an admissions application prior to scheduling an interview.The Full-Time MBA program will accept uploaded scanned copies of your academic records for admissions purposes. university can have electronic transcripts sent directly to Michigan State University’s Central Admission Office through a transcript service such as AVOW or e Scrip-Safe.If you are admitted to the Full-Time MBA program, we will then require all original documents to be sent to the program office. We strongly recommend a minimum of two years’ full-time work experience after a candidate has earned an undergraduate degree.Filling out the recommendation form by a recommender is .The Full-Time MBA program office may call your references/recommenders to speak to them during the application cycle.Please answer this question in 350 words or fewer if you feel your application for admission does not adequately represent you.If you are requesting an English proficiency test waiver, please use this essay to explain in 350 words or less why you should receive this waiver.The Broad of College of Business considers each applicant’s undergraduate transcript, with special attention given to the last two years.The average GPA for the final two undergraduate years is 3.3 on a 4.0 scale.The average admitted student has four years’ work experience.The quality of work experience is closely scrutinized, with an emphasis on: The admissions team occasionally will consider applicants with nontraditional full-time work experience prior to or during their undergraduate program.


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