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Masked communication occurs when the message is muddied or vague.

Just as effective communication is almost always found in strong, healthy families, poor communication is usually found in unhealthy family relationships.

Marriage and family therapists often report that poor communication is a common complaint of families who are having difficulties. It can lead to numerous family problems, including excessive family conflict, ineffective problem solving, lack of intimacy, and weak emotional bonding.

In this article, I will explore the impact of communication failure and identify the steps needed to create an environment of communication excellence.

At a corporate level the consequences of failing to communicate can be catastrophic.

In contrast, communication is indirect if the message is not directed to the person for whom it is intended. (1993) have identified the following four styles of communication.

There are many things that families can do to become more effective communicators and in turn to improve the quality of their relationships. Researchers have discovered a strong link between communication patterns and satisfaction with family relationships (Noller & Fitzpatrick, 1990).In fact, one researcher discovered that the more positively couples rated their communication, the more satisfied they were with their relationship five and a half years later (Markman, 1981).Successful Healthy families periodically take inventory of their strengths and weaknesses and take steps to improve their home and family environment. Bishop, D., Ryan, C., Miller, & Keitner, G., (1993). Isn¼t it time your family took an inventory of how well it is doing? The Mc Master Model View of Healthy Family Functioning. Some families function extremely well with instrumental communication, yet have great difficulty with affective communication. Healthy families are able to communicate well in both areas. Prediction of marital distress: A 5-year follow-up. This was caused partly by The company changed the story and ‘covered up’ the true problems, resulting in its image being significantly tarnished. Communication is a strategic agenda topic, a central part of the culture of the organisation.Toyota Motors as a whole announced that it could face losses totalling as much as bn from lost output and sales worldwide. It is important to communicate the vision and mission in a compelling way that sets out the purpose of the organisation clearly to create the context for the people who connect it.Effective communication is an important characteristic of strong, healthy families.Research identifies communication as an essential building block of strong marital, parent-child, and sibling relationships.


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