Good Book Report Books For 7th Grade

It can be hard to motivate middle-schoolers with reading issues to pick up a book.One way to engage them is to find books with themes they can relate to at a time when they’re trying to figure out who they are.

I only ordered ones that were in the best condition and all of them looked practically new or had minimal wear.

Here are two pictures that showed the ‘worst’ of the wear – So if you are looking for a thrifty way to build up your home library, I definitely recommend checking out Thrift Books!

We moved 8 months ago and I’ve actually never been to the library in our new town.

I used to use our old library all the time and was spoiled with the inter-library loan system they had. Being a homeschooling mom of 7 and running an online business means that life can be pretty busy around here and sometimes it’s just easier to own the books than to worry about borrowing them from the library during the times they are scheduled into our year. That’s why I was pretty excited to learn about Thrift Books.

They have a huge selection and books for all ages and interests.

I even found some homeschool curriculum titles on there!

Take a look at what other 7th grade students said about books they enjoyed.

These reviews were submitted to the Library during past summer reading programs.

A big THANK YOU to our teen volunteers who typed all these reviews so we could put them online.

Stay tuned to this blog for more posts with more reviews (organized by grade) as our volunteers keep hard at work!


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