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Examples for this are castles, old houses, a prison, a laboratory or any other comparable place.Within this space, there are usually elements which haunt the characters.

Examples for this are castles, old houses, a prison, a laboratory or any other comparable place.

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During the 20th century Gothic was realised through media other than books: films, television, theatre and musicals.

There is a wide range of Gothic Fiction by several authors and works of varying themes, thus it is difficult to give an exact definition.

Your discussion should pay some attention to the Gothic mode’s interest in melodrama and in issues of identity.

VAMPIRES Due date: Monday 14 in terms of their exploration of a Gothic notion of the past, and the tension between the past and Victorian notions of science and progress.

OR: With detailed reference to particular passages in the novel, discuss the figure of the monster in either reflect Victorian attitudes to science?

Gothic Literature Essay Thesis Of A Salesman Essay On The American Dream

How does the Gothic mode influence the way in which the powers and effects of scientific enquiry are depicted?

formal English and not note-form responses) I do not expect you to write much more than the designated 500 words.

grant you extensions on these exercises: they need to be handed in on the day, as we will immediately discuss the exercise in class, and if you hand them in thereafter it will not be your own insights you rely on.. leave out the final section on vampires, we’ll get to that later). What particular aspects of Victorian society, and particularly Victorian fears, does he suggest the motif speaks to? Pages 57-59 only, up to the second paragraph which ends “as the most ‘literary’ of all genres.” In the view of Edmundson and Wallace, what particular uses are made of the ghost story by the female writers of Gothic in the nineteenth century?

What does Botting consider to be the important characteristics of the double, both in general and in “Dr. What is the particular significance of the haunted house for these writers?

Suggest how these critics’ ideas are relevant to any one of the haunted house stories set for this section. How does its treatment of Gothic themes and elements reflect specifically Victorian concerns?


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