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When you list your ideas in this format, it helps you see very quickly which ones you can support well and which ones will make for thin arguments in your paper.

Then you can add or take away details as needed in order to round out your persuasive argument before writing your essay.

Just because you list five supporting arguments on your graphic organizer doesn’t mean all five have to wind up in your essay.

For the school lunches essay, you might have supporting topics like, “flavorless combinations,” “unnatural coloring,” and “poorly heated.” Finally, a graphic organizer will have a spot for including relevant research or other information to support your sub-topics.

In either case, a compare and contrast map can help you organize these thoughts as notes before turning them into an essay.

Other students find it useful to use a Venn Diagram for comparing and contrasting, or even a simple outline format. For a persuasive essay, consider using a persuasion map to organize your ideas.

I dug into my own archives that I've accumulated over my 33 year career in search of organizers that focus on writing.

Although I found quite a few, I felt that my collection could be more complete.

A persuasion map is like a flow chart; you start with your main topic and then list three (or however many you have) supporting details for that topic.

Then you split those supporting details into further evidence.


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