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Greenpeace previously used this knowledge in a successful campaign called ‘Stop Esso’ that impacted the social credibility of Exxon Mobil (Esso) and caused negative consumer perceptions about the company in regard to the issue of climate change (Gueterbock, 2004). However, in its most recent ‘Save the Arctic’ campaign, Greenpeace tried another new tactic by targeting the toy company LEGO. Later, activists appeared outside LEGO’s headquarters in Denmark with a series of giant bricks representing the signatures of petitioners to stop the partnership between LEGO and Shell. International Journal of Learning and Media, 2(1), pp.39-54. Comment on Greenpeace campaign and the LEGO® brand.

While traditional guerilla marketing campaigns aimed at selling products focus on the element of surprise and unconventional techniques, Greenpeace’s campaign style could be more closely compared to guerilla warfare, composed of a series of ambushes and sabotages (Creative Guerrilla Marketing, 2015).

For example, a band of Greenpeace activists descended on a LEGO factory in the Czech Republic and decorated it with a Shell logo and an oil spill with giant unhappy minifigures (LEGO characters) cleaning it up. Affective Political Marketing Online: Emotionality in the Youth Sites of Greenpeace and WWF.

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Currently, the campaign targets the oil company Shell, but throughout its history it has run targeted campaigns against a number of oil companies.

Increasingly, companies are coming under scrutiny for their environmental credibility as consumers become more aware of damaging practices and become more discerning with their purchasing power (Miles and Covin, 2000).

Through its partnership with LEGO, Shell had reached a new audience by putting its logo in the hands of children and making it seem more family-friendly and caring (Greenpeace, 2014c).

Greenpeace’s targeted campaign also helped them reach the new audience of children by making them an integral part of the campaign mission. Apocalypse Fatigue: Losing the Public on Climate Change.

Now a large international organisation, Greenpeace has several main branches of environmental activism and campaigning.

One of its major campaigns is ‘Save the Arctic’, which has been running for 15 years.


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