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In the Park deals with the feelings of motherhood – particularly those feelings which are negative in nature and challenge traditional perceptions.

In the Park deals with the feelings of motherhood – particularly those feelings which are negative in nature and challenge traditional perceptions.

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Sometimes when a woman’s life predominantly revolves around looking after her children, her sense of worth is devalued.

In her representations of the theme of motherhood and family, Harwood utilizes subject matter, discourses and poetic devices to challenge traditional perceptions and make her statements more powerful.

By the time she had worked her way through the tome, she’d found a new religion and the primal significance of the German’s philosophy upon her poetry should be considered the way poets look to the Bible or ancient Eastern religious texts.

Along with the metaphysics of philosophy, Harwood’s poetry is also suffused with references to music, life down under away from the focus of England and America and nostalgia for his rural upbringing as a child.

The major tone of the poem is pessimistic because Harwood wants to demonstrate that when a woman decides to become a mother, countless sacrifices are made, one being the identity that she had in society prior to having children.

The poem shows this in the line: “Her clothes are out to date”, which illustrates that the woman in the park wears clothes which are not the most current fashion and demonstrates that a mother has no time to care for her own appearances or to enjoy any kind of self-pampering, and her life is all about her children.The notoriously abstruse and difficult maestro of language Ludwig Wittgenstein permeates Harwood’s poems, sometimes by osmosis and sometimes with direct address or reference.No better indication of the depth of Harwood’s intellectual gifts can be demonstrated than by her assertion that she first came upon the philosophy of Wittgenstein as a result of her randomly picking up and “leafing” through a copy of his .That major philosophical work by Wittgenstein is routinely regarded as one of the most impenetrable works of philosophy in existence.One does not merely “leaf” through that work and spot a soul mate unless one is truly gifted with mastery of the written word as well as more philosophical matters.Her final statement shows that the things she stated to her ex-lover, such as: ‘It’s so nice to hear their chatter, watch them grow and thrive,’ are falsehoods that she has rehearsed to convince herself and others that her life is not miserable.However, it is the final line which shows the reader that her life as a mother is monotonous and torturous.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.Among that select few is Tasmanian poet, Gwen Harwood.The Gwen Harwood Poetry Prize was established posthumously in 1996 to honor her memory and achievements.


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