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I sure wish I didn't know that, when i think about it.

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If all of this fuss sounds startling, you probably don’t have a daughter who dances in front of the mirror singing “Nobody’s Perfect,” “The Other Side of Me” or other glossy, Disney-safe hits of “Hannah Montana,” one of the biggest brand names with grade-school America. “She understands that I don’t make a whole lot of money. There’s also the pop group Cheetah Girls, a franchise that crosses over from television to the music charts. With the “Montana” success, though, the model seems closer to that of “The Monkees,” “The Partridge Family” and, closest of all, Ricky Nelson, the heartthrob who came into homes in the sitcom setting of “The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet” and connected through stories and songs.“You only have to look back 50 years to see when it worked the first time.

Club Libby Lu was an experiential/experience-based retailer for young girls aged 4-12.

I don't even like the bitch's hoi poloi country-music BS. Either way, it seems like something that would have a stop put to it before it got to a web site like this.

As for that, how does a first grade child get permission to post a blog on a website called "corporate mofo"?

That’s why some scalpers and brokers are asking for as much as $3,000 a ticket, politicians have been staging news conferences and Ticketmaster officials have been ducking for cover.“Hell hath no fury like the parent of a child throwing a tantrum,” said a weary Joe Freeman, vice president of Ticketmaster. The resale frenzy is making other top touring acts this year -- the Police, Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen and Beyonce -- seem so last century.

“People who have been in this business for a long time are watching what’s happening, and they say there hasn’t been a demand of this level or intensity since the Beatles or Elvis.”Reasons for that include parents who are out of practice when it comes to buying concert tickets and their children who, apparently, are unaccustomed to disappointment. On Stubhub.com, a leading online marketplace for tickets, the average selling price for a Cyrus ticket was 4 -- which was higher than the Police (9) or Beyonce (2).The popular store chain was created by Mary Drolet.An experience at Club Libby Lu always began with a wish.And don't tell me it's not important or that I'll forget about this when I'm "all grown up." Without being in the right clique in grade school, good luck getting invited to the good parties in middle school, and then just try getting the part in the high school musical, getting onto the soccer team, and getting into Harvard. I guess with all of the beauty pageants for toddlers I shouldn't be surprised, but that's another story.Those admissions officers have been bred like bloodhounds for six generations to smell "loser." And just try keeping up that 4.0 grade-point average: Studies have shown teachers don't like the unpopular kids, either. I also have a hard time believing "Anastasia Silverstein" is a real name.All over the country, little girls are crying that they want -- they need -- tickets to see their idol, a 14-year-old named Miley Cyrus (a.k.a.Hannah Montana) in concert, and from coast to coast that has pushed mommies and daddies to extreme measures.A makeover cost between –, depending on the package of choice, and included a full hair updo, nail polish, and makeup.In addition to playing dress-up for the day, Club Libby Lu VIP's (Very Important Princesses), were guided by their Club Counselors over to various stations including a "potion bar" where a VIP could make their own lotion, perfume, fairy dust, or lip gloss, and a Pooch Parlor, where the guests could own stuffed animals of their choice.Shit, girlfriend, you'll be lucky to avoid an eating disorder. If you are Anastasia Silverstein's parents I don't mean any disrespect, but that's the worst most fictitious name ever.And so, let me reiterate: I would fucking off someone for Hannah Montana tickets. And, there are speech patterns in here that first grade girls have probably never heard, like Hannah Fucking Montana. Or does she learn this from other kids whose parents talk like this around them?


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