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Now that I’ve sent home the games, how do I know families will know how to play the games? Ok, the games are home and being enjoyed, but it’s time to return the games to school.I was super worried about missing pieces (I took my time and resources to put these games together, I don’t want to do it again!) so I also include a return checklist in the take home bag.

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Add one of her mom's lipsticks and perfumes too to complete the beauty slacking session.

Color an adorable Hello Kitty picture and braid Barbie's hair in a sassy chic braided hairstyle.

If you follow me on any social media outlets you might have heard me talking about how I am quitting homework. Let alone the research on homework for students with disabilities? I’m not ready to send these skills home for practice.

Did you know the research on homework isn’t strong.

Let me tell you, that takes me HOURS of prep a week.

Now, I know the parents in my program like homework because they like the structure and routine in their evenings and I love to help foster those skills. I’ve been thinking for a while about skills that our students have been lacking.

) These August games are not only adorable, but they are perfect for students to take home and play with their families. I have 8 students in my classroom, so I have prepped 2 of each game and bagged them up for classroom use.

I’m only going to send home one game a week, so I need to make sure I stay organized and send home a different game each week.

Your families are going to love this adorable board game.

Students and their families take turns drawing cards and moving their bus pieces on the game board.


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