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Moreover, college teachers are probably reading dozens of essays, if not hundreds, on a regular basis, and thus, in order to impress the readers, yours should be really extraordinary. There are different types of hooks for essays, and it is important to distinguish, where each of them would be appropriate.

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Yet, regardless of which method you will choose to start your writing, it is essential for your hook to be relevant to your overall topic. Writing a striking introduction can be quite challenging and stressful, especially since the main work is still ahead.

A good idea would be to spend some time to plan the essay carefully.

Another substantial question that you need to ask yourself is how do you want to make your audience feel?

Maybe your goal is to motivate your readers for immediate action, inspire an onward research, or just emphasize with the main characters?

Anyone who ever wrote any academic paper knows that writing a strong introduction is the key to success in further work.

A hook in any writing is a snippet of information before the text itself that makes a reader either foretaste the further reading or feel doomed to boredom for the next minutes or even hours.And one more important question to ask before you start writing is what would you want your audience to take away from what they will read: a better grasp of a certain subject, a fascination with new knowledge, or strong intentions to change something in their lives? In order to write effective hooks for essays, one should have some insights on human psychology and perception.As you probably know, first impressions are the ones to last the longest, at times you only have about five seconds before a person decides if he or she likes you or not.A hook can be compared to an appetizer, which would make the reader hungry for more and devour the rest of the text with great pleasure.Since the main audience of the essays is college professors and highly educated people, writing interesting hooks for essays can be way harder than for many other types of texts.Such principle applies not only to interpersonal interactions, but to the written word as well.If you bore your readers with a long and monotonous foreword, you may lose their attention for the rest of the text, even if it is far more interesting than the introduction.Seems like everything was against me that day: soon after I left home, it started raining cats and dogs and with a blink of an eye I was wet to the bone.I was making my way through the puddles, as I saw my bus leave the stop.A good hook immediately creates a bond between an author and the audience. Unfortunately, there is no single pattern and no magic formula to seize the reader’s attention.However, there are some tips on how to get better at it. Good hooks to start an essay are usually the first 3-7 sentences of the paper.


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