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Students research the task, and propose dishes using their knowledge of menu planning, customers' needs, nutrition and food safety (3 hours).

These include baked products, sauces, and pizzas, culminating at the end of the year in the production of a complete main course meal with accompaniments.

Students also start to learn the core concepts of food safety, health and nutrition, and environmental issues, such as seasonality.

In Year 8, students undertake themed topics, such as Afternoon Tea, in order to build on their core skills from the previous year.

This will also allow them to start to explore their creativity by adapting or researching new dishes.

The Apprentice will be employed and receive at least the national minimum Apprenticeship wage (this could be more at the employer's discretion).

The Apprentice will attend college on a day release basis and should achieve the Level 2 Apprenticeship Framework within the agreed timescale.A Foundation Apprenticeship is a work based learning programme where the learner is ‘earning while learning’.The programme is aimed at learners over the age of 16.By Year 9, students are starting to learn more advanced techniques, in order to prepare those who wish to take on the subject at Key Stage 4.Most KS3 lessons are 'doubles', which allow plenty of time for practical work.If you choose Hospitality Management at San José State, your studies will cover many of the basic facets of management that are included in the business school: accounting and finance, marketing, human resource management, operations management.But hospitality businesses have their own peculiarities, and accordingly, the curriculum allows you to gain insight into the unique aspects of running a hotel, restaurant or similar enterprise.These graduates advance their careers as “entrepreneurs” within their organizations.The Hospitality Management works very closely with leaders of the industry from around Silicon Valley.Examples of courses within the Department include: One aspect of the San José State University degree is its focus on entrepreneurialism.Through our courses, we give students the management tools they need to be able to run their own hospitality businesses soon after graduation.


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