Hotel Rwanda Movie Review Essay

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The UN did not allow their soldiers in Rwanda to intervene even after realizing how terrible the violence was getting.

In the movie Hotel Rwanda, the General (Nick) regrets and complains of the orders preventing him from intervening in the gruesome conflict.

Anything I say in this review is probably redundant, because there isn't a single negative review in all the comments so far here, and I agree wholeheartedly with what has been said by other reviewers.

Nevertheless Hotel Rwanda is that rare kind of movie experience that doesn't easily relinquish its hold on the audience just because the credits have rolled.

The movie Hotel Rwanda highlights certain aspects of the 1994 Rwanda conflict that transformed into a genocide due to deliberate and coordinated plan of carrying out the killings that left nearly 800,000 Tutsis dead.

Joaquin Phoenix in the play is a Western journalist who faces the accusations levelled against the Westerners for fuelling and fanning the ethnic tensions and animosities thus resulting into the 1994 genocide.

He refers to the westerners as racists who do not care about the lives of dying civilians in Rwanda.

The US state department refrained from using the term "genocide" since genocide would call for sending of troops to intervene.

In the movie Hotel Don Cheadle plays the role of the ordinary man surviving during the tough and trying times in the history of Rwanda.

The story line of this iconic movie generally captures the events and circumstances that characterized the early days of the unprecedented savage killings of the minority Tutsis by the majority Hutus tribes in Rwanda.


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