House Sitting Assignments

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And if you know they love a belly rub before bed each night, you'll have a friend for life!

On some occasions, you may be looking after a pet that is ill or requires medication, in which case you should go through these added responsibilities with the homeowner.

For example, longer term housesits may not include the cost of utilities.

For most sitters this isn't an issue as most would consider being able to live rent-free a pretty great deal already.

Other times, you may in fact be using their bedroom for the duration of your stay and hence they may not be able to accommodate you until the day they leave.

In any case, it's good to schedule a little time with the homeowner before they depart so that you can meet, they can show you where things are and you have the opportunity to ask questions.But it's better to discuss these things beforehand if you are unsure so that you don't get any unexpected surprises. While dates are generally included in the listing, be sure to clarify the exact arrangements for taking over and handing back the house.Depending on what time the homeowner will be leaving, they may want you to come over the night before the official start date.So if the dogs are not usually allowed on the sofa, then be sure to continue this house rule while on assignment. If you are a pet owner yourself, you'll know that pets have their own personalities just like humans, and it's important to understand their usual demeanour and what they do and do not like.Some pets are really energetic, some might sleep a lot, some like a lot of attention, while others prefer to be left to do their own thing.In addition to knowing where the pet supplies are, you'll also be wanting to know about the whereabouts of things like the washing machine and how to use it.Many things are quite self-explanatory but as we all know from our own home experiences, there may be some specific things related to your house or particular items that need to be explained.Doing things the way their owners usually do won't give them any surprises and they are likely to feel more at ease.Secondly, you don't want to be starting habits that the owner will then have to deal with when they get back.Always get the contact details of the homeowner in case you need to get in touch with them.The homeowner may also offer alternative contact details for a family member or friend living locally or that of a neighbour who can assist you in case of something urgent and/or when you are not able to reach the homeowner.


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