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The logico-mathematical properties can be classified in numerous ways, but one such scheme is to classify the quantities in the problem (assuming the word problem is primarily numerical) into known quantities (the values given in the text of the problem), wanted quantities (the values that need to be found) and auxiliary quantities (values that may need to be found as intermediate stages of the problem).These examples are not only intended to force the students into developing mathematical models on their own, but may also be used to promote mathematical interest and understanding by relating the subject to real-life situations.Check −14: −14(−14 2) = (−14)×(−12) = 168 YES Check 12: 12(12 2) = 12×14 = 168 YES So there are two solutions: -14 and -12 is one, 12 and 14 is the other.

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If his trip was 450 miles, how long did it take him to reach his destination?

As a first word problem, this one may seem a bit intimidating; don't let it discourage you, though.

You may be surprised at how far you can get by approaching the problem systematically.

First, let's identify what the problem is asking for: a total trip time, which we can call , which is the value we want to calculate.

First, we'll review a few basic steps that will help you solve word problems.

At this point, the mathematical aspects of word problems shouldn't pose much difficulty for you. This is the critical step: translation of the information that you get from the problem into math. Take the results of step 5 and use the algebra skills you've learned to solve the problem. Look at your final answer and ask yourself if it makes sense.Check to see if the number is reasonable (for example, your average automobile can't be expected to go 1,000,000 miles per hour! Before we look at a few example problems, we need to first consider the use of units and unit analysis.Units are simply identifiers that describe what a number is quantifying.Before you start solving word problems in algebra, you should first already know about real numbers, how to manipulate algebraic expressions, and how to solve math problems involving linear equations and inequalities.We will focus on application of these concepts through word problems.If the boiling point of water is and the melting point of water is , find the linear functions that convert from one scale to the other.This problem asks us to find a conversion function that takes a Fahrenheit temperature reading and turns it into a Celsius temperature reading.The second example, however, does not necessarily have to be "real-life" to a high school student, who may find that it is easier to handle the following problem: Word problems are a common way to train and test understanding of underlying concepts within a descriptive problem, instead of solely testing the student's capability to perform algebraic manipulation or other "mechanical" skills.The modern notation that enables mathematical ideas to be expressed symbolically was developed in Europe from the sixteenth century onwards.Prior to this, all mathematical problems and solutions were written out in words; the more complicated the problem, the more laborious and convoluted the verbal explanation.Examples of word problems can be found dating back to Babylonian times. Word problems have also been satirised in The Simpsons, when a lengthy word problem ("An express train traveling 60 miles per hour leaves Santa Fe bound for Phoenix, 520 miles away.


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