How To Write A Contract Law Essay

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You will be given case studies well in advance of the assessment to enable you to identify and research the relevant legal issues.

When analysing any law-based case study you may find it helpful to use the IRAC process (which can usually be found in module booklets and online via weblearn/Blackboard.) It is not suggested that you use IRAC as a structure for your answers, but using it as an analytical tool may help you keep to the question and avoid missing important points which may be relevant to the question set. I is for ISSUE You should identify the issue or issues (for example: a dispute between the parties) raised by the facts of the case study. R is for RULE You should identify the legal rule or rules applicable to the particular issue or issues.

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Learn what a case brief is how to format these documents and examine several examples. First make sure that the ous containing the groups are within the scope of your ma.

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