Importance Of Review Of Literature In Research Ppt

A literature survey might end with a discussion of what work is still needed to further develop knowledge of a particular topic, but it does not, itself, flesh out any of those ideas.

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A literature review should offer critical analysis of the current research on a topic and that analysis should direct your research objective.

This should not be confused with a book review or an annotated bibliography both research tools but very different in purpose and scope.

When the survey serves as the initial step that precedes a further investigation of an idea or ideas about a topic, then that review of the literature sets the stage for the presentation of original research.

Original research usually involves the selection of a methodology for examining a topic and may include the gathering of data that can be further analyzed to arrive at assumptions about the topic.

The review typically involves a search of any previously published or presented materials that might have relevance to a prospective new study.

If the point of a research project is solely to review what has already been written on a topic, the resulting article is termed a "survey of the literature" or a "literature survey" or even a "literature review." In this case, the article is complete in itself and does not delve into anything new regarding the topic.

Research typically begins with what is known (the literature review) and progresses into analyzing, through the observation and analysis of data, what is yet to be known through further study.

Both the literature survey and the original study are considered academic articles, as opposed to popular articles.

First, there are the primary studies that researchers conduct and publish.

Second are the reviews of those studies that summarize and offer new interpretations built from and often extending beyond the primary studies.


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