Importance Of Unity In Muslim World Essay

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They do not want to let the sweet memory of the victories in Lebanon and Gaza remain in the minds of Muslims. The most important duty lies on the shoulders of Muslim politicians.Regarding the Holy Prophet's appointment to his divine mission, reason and wisdom are the primary issues that have been raised.Similarly, throughout the Quran and the Holy Prophet's teachings, you can see that the main focus has been placed on such things as reason, wisdom, thinking, reflection, and pondering.Muslims have to stay together and preserve their unity even when they are supposed to adhere to the divine covenant. 2 Human minds and tongues have expressed numerous things about Be’that which is in fact a vast area, and it will not be possible in the foreseeable future to delineate the aspects of this great event.As time passes and as man goes through numerous experiences and gains a better understanding of the problems and flaws that plague his life, the different aspects of the Holy Prophet's (S) appointment to the divine mission reveal themselves more and more clearly.The fact that I constantly advise our people and my audience against foreigners is not just because superpowers are foreigners. There are over fifty Muslim countries in the world. There are two major obstacles to unity and we must think of a way to remove them. They have a right to adhere to their own beliefs, but they must respect others, their rights, and their beliefs.How can these Muslim countries stand up to these gross and evil intentions of domination? There is the internal obstacle that is the result of denominational bias. Muslims must leave ideological debates to scholarly meetings.This Be’that was in fact a call that invited people to the arena of moral, intellectual, and legal education.These are the things that are needed for a peaceful and developing life. Intellectual education - that is, extracting man's reason and making it dominant over his thoughts and actions, or giving man the beacon of wisdom and enabling him to find his way by its light - is of primary importance.But it is not enough to choose names and talk about things. It is our duty to make efforts to create unity in the world of Islam. It can bring about glory for Muslim nations and communities.Consider the current situation of the Muslim countries in the world.


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