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As a point of importance; education is what has brought humanity to where we are now.

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Some of the suitable locations to setup a crèche are; estates that are dominated by young couples and nursing mothers.

Furthermore, they prefer that such crèches is close to their offices; this is so that nursing mothers can easily be attracted.

This type of business can be capital intensive for an aspiring entrepreneur; you would need money to rent a facility, purchase different music instrument and also pay a handful of staff et al.

If you are interested in this type of business and you don’t have the required start – up capital to setup a standard music school, then you should go to people’s homes to teach them how to play different musical instruments.

It is important to state the before starting a driving school, you will be required to obtain the required license, permits and approval from the appropriate authority in your country.

Aside from the little stress involved in securing approval, permit and license for a driving school, it could be fun teaching people how to drive especially if driving is one of your hobbies.Working class nursing mothers prefer crèches – so that they are able to make use of their breaks; by dashing quickly to the crèche to feed their babies.Starting a music school is yet another thriving and profitable business in the education sector.As a matter of fact, in some countries, education is made compulsory for every child of school age.Governments of most countries in the bid to advance their country ensure that they invest massively in the education sector and also encourage private investors to invest in the education sector.Are you interested in starting a business in the education industry?If YES, here are 50 innovative education business ideas and opportunities you can start in 2019 with little money.In most countries of the world, before an entrepreneur can be allowed to open a private nursery and primary school, they are required to have obtain license and accreditation from the departments / ministry of education.So, if you are considering to start a private nursery and primary school, then you should ensure that you visit the department of education (ministry of education) of your to confirm the requirements for starting a private nursery and primary school.This is because of the need for people to be educated.Education is said to be the most proponent of civilization and industrialization.


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