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This means that if a problem is solved twice on the same computer with identical parameter settings and no time limit then the obtained solutions will be identical.If a time limit is set then this may not be case since the time taken to solve a problem is not deterministic. it can exploit multiple cores during the optimization.What about the following example, after being sorted: At index 1, the condition is going to be true. In our case, we also have to cover duplicate by checking if the next integer is equals to the current one.

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SCIP is currently one of the fastest non-commercial solvers for mixed integer programming (MIP) and mixed integer nonlinear programming (MINLP).

It is also a framework for constraint integer programming and branch-cut-and-price.

In order to say something about the quality of an approximate solution the concept of obtained simply by ignoring the integrality restrictions.

The relaxation is a continuous problem, and therefore much faster to solve to optimality with a linear (or, in the general case, conic) optimizer.

It can also be used as a standalone program to solve mixed integer programs given in various formats such as MPS, LP, flatzinc, CNF, OPB, WBO, PIP, etc. An outline of SCIP and its algorithmic approach can be found in For the latest developments, consult our series of release reports.

The SCIP Optimization Suite is a toolbox for generating and solving mixed integer nonlinear programs, in particular mixed integer linear programs, and constraint integer programs.

Yet, it was not very common to actually understand the underlying line of thought allowing to reach an efficient solution.

Thereby, this is the goal of this series: describing potential processes of reflection to solve problems from scratch.

The solution process can be split into these phases: It is important to understand that, in a worst-case scenario, the time required to solve integer optimization problems grows exponentially with the size of the problem (solving mixed-integer problems is NP-hard). In practice this implies that the focus should be on computing a near-optimal solution quickly rather than on locating an optimal solution.

Even if the problem is only solved approximately, it is important to know how far the approximate solution is from an optimal one.


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