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identity confusion, in a healthy way and are still questioning who they are.These adults may not yet have a strong sense of self, making it difficult to share in a close, loving relationship.

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As they witness friends finding love and perhaps even getting married, they feel a sense of loneliness according to Erikson.

Others in this stage may experience an even greater loneliness of not having close friends at all.

We are social creatures by nature (if you don't believe it, spend some time in a high school classroom).

Even those who would identify themselves as shy still develop socially and interact with people around them.

Developmental psychologists explore these questions and often identify stages in our development.

Erik Erikson (1902-1994) was a stage theorist who believed we move through social stages of development, and one stage of interest is the intimacy vs. Erikson's stage theory focuses on the importance of social interaction throughout our lives.

As we enter young adulthood in our early 20s, we also enter Erikson's stage known as intimacy vs. During this stage, young adults face the challenge of forming close relationships with others.

They develop intimate friendships and partnerships. Intimacy is commonly associated with a sexual relationship, but it's possible to have intimate friendships as well.

Numerous dating websites are evidence of how important the intimacy vs. You only have to turn on the television to see the intimacy vs. Match-making shows like 'The Millionaire Matchmaker' and dating shows like 'The Bachelor' demonstrate how people move through this stage, sometimes with dignity and sometimes without.

Erikson believed the way we navigate the challenges in the intimacy vs.


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