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The Queens, New York, resident, who immigrated from Grenada in 2001 and has an 11-year-old daughter, said online courses and other technology are helping more people achieve the American Dream.In fact, he hopes to start an online fitness clothing business on the side in the next year.

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He's planning on moving to Denver, where his parents and younger sister live.

He'll rent for now, but hopes to buy a house in the next year, putting him one step closer to achieving his American Dream.

The American dream focusses on the success of the individuum (not the wellbeing of the whole population). The American dream is often a topic for essays or debates.

The questions raised are usually: definition of the American dream.

All these people don't even realize that all their hard work is being manipulated by speculators on wall street for debt pool bond sales and that they are in fact contributing to the demise of the American dream because they take out so much debt to showboat the lifestyles they can't afford.

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Look at the cost of higher education and the fact student loans cannot be bankrupted.Iman Worsham, 31 Life in Birmingham, Alabama, is easier now than it was when her mother was growing up, says Worsham.There’s less prejudice and more programs and counselors to guide young blacks into colleges and careers. She has a master's in health services administration, is a case manager for Humana and is studying to become a registered nurse.The booming US industry during the first half of the 20th century caused the myth s role of the American dream is a matter of discussion.Some think that the American dream is still a viable element today, for others it is only an illusion. On the other hand, the same advantages are disadvantageous for society: there is no social fond for the poor and there is no serious interest in important issues like environmental protection etc.On the surface they live in a new home, Drive new cars, And have a degree, But most middle class people today don't actually own any of that.Instead they borrow it from a bank that has the federal reserve print the money into existence causing our national debt to climb and inflation to increase.(You already know that there is no unitary definition, so your readers/listeners need to know what exactly you are applying to.) To what conclusion you come in the end is a matter of your own political views–there is no right or wrong here.Don't let suburban dreamers convince you otherwise because they most likely are drowning in student loans, Mortgage payments, And car loans that they will never pay off.Gates (pictured above with her grandchildren) traveled and provided for her five daughters, one of whom has a Ph D.Then she developed health problems, which cost her the salon and her dream.


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