Job Satisfaction Research Papers

Job Satisfaction Research Papers-21
It is important for organizations to find the factors to motivate employees to perform to their maximum ability.

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Organizational motivation can be divided into financial or non-financial and intrinsic and extrinsic systems.

The majority of the research on motivation studies tends to use Herzberg’s model of intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

Developing a well-structured motivation system is crucial for organizations to retain talent and to enable employees to produce the maximum benefits for the organizations (Al-Alawi, 2005).

An organization’s motivation system will directly affect employees’ efficiency, morale and job satisfaction (Parsons and Broadbridge, 2006).

ANOVA tests were subsequently used to test for differences in respondents’ perception of these factors according to selected demographics.

Finally, a multiple regression model analysis was conducted to examine the relationships between motivation, job satisfaction and organizational performance.In addition, five job satisfaction dimensions were identified, namely: job policy, job autonomy, job workload, job performance and job status.Organizational performance dimensions included financial and non-financial performance.Factor analysis was used to summarize a large number of motivation, job satisfaction and organizational performance attributes to identify the crucial factors.Reliability tests based on Cronbach’s alpha and corrected item-total correlation coefficients was used to test the internal consistency of questionnaire responses.The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of motivation on job satisfaction and organizational performance in the context of container shipping companies in Taiwan.Four motivation dimensions were identified based on an exploratory factor analysis, including remuneration, job achievement, job security and job environment.This can be referred to the catalyzer for individual employees to enhance their working performance to achieve organizational performance (Sekhar , 2013).Steer (1994) also argues that the goal of motivation is to enable employees to improve productivity, increase efficiency and improve overall organizational performance.It then describes the methodological approach to the research issues.The fourth section presents the results and findings of the survey.


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