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, an on-demand streaming video service for educational institutions, is now accessible at UC.Subject categories available are: Documentaries / Early Film / Film Studies / Foreign Language Film / Movies.

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Campus offers numerous other options, from Starbucks and Subway to only-in-Boston eateries and cafés.

Jenifer Mc Kim, senior reporter with the New England Center for Investigative Reporting at Boston University, offers five tips for preparing and submitting a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

Students fan out in small groups for city council meetings, political rallies, sporting events, features or police reports.

With guidance from their editor, students share interviews and research to each write their own stories for personal portfolios.

In addition, editors start students on in-depth investigations suitable to be tailored to their high school newspapers.

Special block presents learning opportunities beyond the Classroom and Newsroom: screening of the Academy Award-winning movie, Spotlight; tour of the Boston Globe and local NPR affiliates; guest lecture from experts on the Freedom of Information Act and media law; college tours of Boston University and other nearby schools; visit to the Museum of Fine Art, Boston Common and baseball’s Fenway Park; group opportunities for community service; and more.Free block gives students unstructured time to conduct interviews, write and revise story drafts, and catch up on their reading assignments for the next morning.It also gives students the chance to hit the university gym (fee applies), explore Boston (during day hours), wander campus with new friends, or simply relax.Classroom starts each day with a review of journalism fundamentals in a collegiate format.Boston University’s core journalism textbook provides daily readings and writing assignments.Write a mini-review of any movie in 4 sentences: Sentence 1: Write a creative feature-type lead to hook the reader.Sentence 2: State your opinion of the film (Include the film’s title).Sentence 3: Tell WHY you have that opinion specifically.Sentence 4: Give support (from the movie, comparison to other films, actors, etc.) to back up your opinion. We’ll finish film in class by Friday, you’ll have writing/conferencing days Friday and Monday, Dec.Meals are served at the Boston University dining hall.Students residing on campus each receive a dining pass for 14 meals.


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