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Hence, until a clear resolution is found, avex will not resume the trio's activities (management) in Japan.

However, avex also stated that there wasn't going to be changes for their already planned schedules/releases, making possible the release of their first Japanese album.

In October, 2010, one month after their Japanese debut, the group debuted internationally with the album The Beginning.

In January 2011 the trio debuted officially in Korea with the release of the "Music Essay" mini-album Their Rooms under C-Je S Entertainment management agency.

After embarking on a new beginning with their English album last year, JYJ returns to K-pop with the music essay album Their Rooms.

This unique release not only reveals the members' new self-composed songs, it also includes photos and essays written by the members.

[...] At first, it was agreed that all activities performed by the three members would be scheduled and discussed by both sides, but avex began asking for this to be changed so that the company would have sole control of scheduling; avex also requested additional changes that the trio felt were logically unacceptable." Additionally, he also stated: "The essence of the current controversy is that an agency offered unfair conditions, contrary to what had been included in the previous contract, to their artistes.

When these artistes refused to comply, the agency halted all activities, disregarding the members’ wishes.

Only a few hours after the release of the Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST, avex announced that JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN's Japanese activities were suspended until further notice.

This, according to avex, was caused after a representative from the trio's Korean management agency, C-Je S Entertainment, was found guilty of, and sentenced to prison on charges of coercion.


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