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They are all festooned with multiple digital devices.Today’s study abroad explorers may leave their home country but not leave home at all.

They are all festooned with multiple digital devices.Today’s study abroad explorers may leave their home country but not leave home at all.

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Technology closes doors for our students as much as it opens them. When we walk streets without purpose, loiter in parks and open spaces, sit and watch a new world go by in cafes and restaurants that lack the trappings of home -- these are the experiences that today’s digital adepts are missing.

They arrive in geographically distant places tethered to intractable habits involving their devices.

And today’s millennials are adept social engineers, having successfully retrofitted their parents to be as needy about technology as they are.

Even Grandma wants to read the blog about Florence, Brisbane or Calcutta -- and is planning on getting a virtual tour from her intrepid young traveler once the program is over.

Liability considerations control many aspects of institution-sponsored foreign travel.

Insistence on continuous digital access is the safety net for a large part of the organizers’ legal concerns.They trust in you and believe you have the potential to make it big. Have fun & take care of yourself You are in a new place, new environment and a different culture.One of my cousins wrote to me when I told him about my departure: “I am sure you are excited, nervous and perhaps even a little weary all at the same time which is entirely natural – just be positive and re-mindful that we’re all rooting for you and that things will always fall into place.” This is my advice to you. Enjoy every bit of it; this time might never come back. Even if you are not following the instructions of your family and friends, you must take care of yourself in the best possible way.Thanks to cheap international data plans and smartphones in their pockets, millennial Americans seldom say goodbye to familiar friends, family and online comforts as they set out to experience life in a different country. The implied comfort of a digital cocoon is what entices some students to undertake the foreign travel they never would have considered half a generation ago. Some study abroad offices issue cheap flip phones purchased in country so students can be in constant contact with their academic and legal guardians.Professors preload travel instructions and course materials onto websites.If those sites go down, study abroad courses often grind to a halt.Long forgotten are the exertions of making international calls by pay phone and calling cards -- not to mention those cheap blue Aérogramme sheets.There’s no harm in being sentimental, but you don’t want to spend your last few days or weeks getting irritated with those around you, or feeling sad at the prospect of being far away from family and old friends. Spend time with friends & family While you will make new friends when you study abroad and have loads of new activities to keep you busy, nostalgia will one way or another bother you. Spend time with your loved ones and cherish all the memories; in those times when you feel homesick and unable to concentrate on anything, they might lift you up.3.Here are my tips to guide you through this emotional phase:1. Remember they are rooting for you You may be struggling leaving home to study abroad; you have a room to keep clean, assignments to complete, laundry to do, maybe a part-time job to manage your little expenses, and when you are done doing all that you have to prepare your meal.Sounds devastating, but this is what gives you invaluable life experience.Enjoy it and know that your friends and family are rooting for you.


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