Legalizing Gay Marriage Argumentative Essay

Opponents of same sex marriage may argue that it is important for children to have a father and mother.

They may say that for children to have a good balance in their upbringing, they should be influenced by a father and a mother in their developmental years.

Such arguments hold that homosexual couples only have one gender influence over the lives of children and that this is less fulfilling (Badgett, 2009).

However, the arguments fail to recognize that children under the parental care of same sex couples get to mingle with both male and female genders in various social places.

Moreover, the definition of marriage does not suggest that it should only be an exclusive union between two people of opposite sexes.

According to Gerstmann (2017), marriage is a formally or legally recognized union between two people in a personal relationship.

Additionally, gay marriages give homosexual couples the right to start families.

Just like heterosexual couples, gay and lesbian partners should be allowed to start families and have their own children.

As one would concur, even some heterosexual couples are not able to sire their own children and resort to adopting one or even more.

This is a right that should be extended to same sex couples too given that they may not be able to give birth on their own.


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