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However, this does not mean that you must stick to the syllabus.

Far from it, being creative and original will help your essay stand out!

This is your chance to choose a subject that you enjoy studying and mould a question to your interests, so take this opportunity to find a question that is brilliant for you.

Secondly, we recommended that you choose a subject that you currently study, as your prior knowledge can be extended and applied to a specific area within this field.

This problem is then analysed through at least two disciplines, encouraging students to apply their knowledge from this subjects to a problem with global significance.

This is an exciting opportunity and definitely worth looking into if you wish to study an interdisciplinary degree such as PPE.Similarly, setting goals for your next meeting, such as writing an introduction and finding 10 appropriate sources, will also give you definitive targets to meet.Make sure at the end of this meeting you have clear goals to achieve and a next meeting scheduled to achieve these by.Firstly, choose something that you are interested in!Writing on a topic that excites you will come across in your extended essay, as you will be so much more engaged.Therefore, try and shape your question so that more than one point of view can be taken.Number 2 is more focused than number, allowing for greater in-depth research into which areas they are competing over.For example, a Physics extended essay on the path of a table tennis ball may look to incorporate several different features, such as gravity, weight, force and air resistance into a model.Alternatively, a History extended essay may explore different key players within a historical battle or transition.We compiled all the resources we create for International Baccalaureate students on this page.You can find study tips, wall planners for the academic year, interviews with our IB tutors, and video series on every aspect of the International Baccalaureate.


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