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I mean, sure, you know your kid is just a proud, rebellious teen who will understand that you're doing this for his/her own good when they're older.

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Good morning, judges, parents, teachers, and fellow students.

I am Jess Maxwell, 12, who has personally experienced the pain of doing homework past nine. Today, I'm going to talk to you about why we shouldn't have excessive homework.

[Introduction] Remember when you were a kid who looked forward to hanging out with your friends after school?

Remember when you discovered that you had a ten-page essay to write before you could hang out?

So whenever I sat down to watch TV, play computer games, or even talk to my parents, I was reminded that I had work to do before I could do those things. I think you'd agree that a six-year-old should be enjoying the fun of not having any serious responsibilities; enjoying the fun of being a KID.

NOT doing homework all night after vigorous studying at school. Manzi, "Children need to play and chill out to refresh their minds and bodies.

they get less social time, resulting in many more social issues than any child have. Your rebellious child wouldn't be so rebellious if they had much less homework to do.

[Conclusion] All things considered, do you still think homework is completely necessary?

[Body Paragraph 2] In addition, I'm going to consider your arguments. Now, I know what you're thinking: Don't we need to practice what we learn to remember it?

As to that, it is necessary to repeatedly apply the skills we learned.


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