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If this is the case, you can claim any unused IHT allowance on a pro-rata basis.Once you’ve valued the estate and worked out whether inheritance tax is payable, you’ll need to fill in a number of forms to send to the Probate Registry.

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If the total value of the deceased person’s estate is less than £15,000, or if all of their assets were owned jointly and are passing automatically to a surviving spouse or civil partner, probate may not be needed.

If you’re in any doubt about this, you should seek advice from HMRC and/or a probate solicitor.

Letters of administration allow a family member or friend to act as the administrator of an estate.

An administrator will only become responsible for managing the estate when an executor has not been legally appointed and after the probate registry issues what is known as a grant of letters of administration.

The will and letters of administration are considered public documents, so they can be examined by anyone who requests to see them.

As soon as you receive these documents, you can start acting as the administrator.

However, you won’t need any of these documents if the estate consists of: When there are no complications with your application for letters of administration, you could receive authorisation to proceed as an administrator in 3 to 5 weeks.

When there are complications, however, this process can take longer.

At this interview, the administrator will have to verify the information on the legal paperwork before swearing an oath. The administrator of the estate is obliged to bring all of the relevant documentation and letters regarding the estate to the interview.

There is also the option for the administrator to go to their solicitor’s office to confirm the oath instead of the Probate Registry.


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