Limitation And Delimitation In Thesis

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Assumptions and limitations should never contradict each other. in Psychology from Florida International University and works full-time as a classroom teacher in a public school.Other common assumptions include how representative a given sample is of the population studied, and the similarity of participants’ characteristics within the study. She teaches middle school English to a wide range of students from struggling readers to advanced and gifted populations.In her spare time, she loves writing articles about education for The, Working Mother and other education sites.

However, if the questions asked are of a sensitive nature, it is less plausible to assume honesty than in studies where the questions are more mundane.

When participant honesty might be compromised, it should be listed as a limitation of the study rather than an assumption.

However, here are some examples: Once you are done thinking and considering the limitations of your work, a simple question may arise: Where in my thesis should I include such limitations?

Please note: there is no specific format to this and it may vary from supervisor to supervisor, and sometimes certain universities may have their own guidelines.

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