Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Essay

Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Essay-50
Hauptmann also has a history of escaping police custody.His record indicated that he was a burglar and an amateur.The first note received was written in badly mangled English and found on April 4, 1932 at the East River (Gray 2).

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FBI agent Leon Turrou began the investigation but was soon over-ridded by higher authorities. In June 1914, he was convicted of grand larceny, petty theft, receiving stolen property, and armed robbery.

In March of 1923, he was arrested for serious burglary.

We warn you for making public for notifying the police (Gray 2)." On March 4, 1932 a second ransom note arrived along with tons of other mail. No matter what the circumstances, the baby was still killed. People believe that the kidnapping was due for money because of the two different ransom notes.

The second note called for an increase of the payment to 70,000 dollars in addition of 20,000 dollars in fifty dollar bills (Walker 160). Others however believe it was in somewhat a vengeance against Mr. The first asking for 50,000 dollars yet the second asking for 70,000 dollars.

He was arrested in Germany twice but escaped twice and fled to America.

What further helped convict Hauptmann was that he was pointed out in a line up with six other cops by Dr. No hard evidence or clues to support the notion that Hauptmann was aided in the crime by an accomplice (Mosely 221).

He realized what happened when blood was seeping from the bag.

He took the baby to a pond and cleaned the wound, but by this time the baby was dead.

Summary: The Lindbergh Kidnapping was the tragic abduction of the 20-month-old son of the famous aviator Charles Lindberg and his wife Anne Morrow Lindberg on March 1, 1932.

The kidnapping resulted in an unsuccessful nationwide search for the child and the payment of a ransom for ,000.


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