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Take note of your reaction to each piece of mail, and save the ones that communicate most effectively, whether they come from large or small companies.The most effective direct-mail inserts often use key words and colors.

Junk mail isn't junk when you're trying to learn about direct mail.

Obtain free information every chance you get, especially from companies that offer products or services similar to yours.

Cadge fancies, I suppose, that by any mail I may get a big check from home.

I, who wear no armor, will go as far as any one with breastplate of mail.

If you’re having trouble deciding between a certain stock or finish, check with your printer for samples and swatch books for a more accurate tactile comparison.

And don’t forget to ask for a hard proof before sending the whole job through the press, to make sure you’ve achieved the desired effect.Dual Print & Mail can be reached at 800.358.4348 or [email protected] entry was posted in Print Tips and tagged commercial print, digital printing, direct marketing, integrated marketing, marketing, offset printing, paper stock terms, paper stocks, print definitions, print term definition series, printing services, publications, publishing. Make sure the colors you use promote the appropriate image.Neon colors, for example, can attract attention for party planner or gift basket businesses.For a catalog that highlights many of the direct marketing industry's books, a free brochure that lists a variety of direct marketing institutes and seminars across the country, or more information about joining, call the DMA at (212) 768-7277. With any type of direct mail, appropriately timed follow-up is key. Don't wait too long to contact your customers after doing your mailing: After several days, call to ask if they've received your card, letter or e-mail.If they have, now's the time to make your sales pitch. When creating a printed marketing piece, the paper stock you select is almost as important as the design itself.But with all of the stocks out there to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?Given that print is such a highly tactile medium, it all depends on the way you want the finished product to look – (meaning it also depends on the varnish, laminate, or other final coating you apply at the end of the printing process).Great design needs the right paper stock and finish.


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