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Go ahead and mention each who attended the occasion and you will have increased your word count and that is not a crime at all, it’s an alternative way of doing the same, but you will have saved your essay length. The introduction of an essay is usually short, but you can choose to lengthen your introduction by giving a small history about the origin of the topic you are writing.

A heading can be in form of a proverb instead of a single word. There are many ways to start a new paragraph while writing an essay and the most common method is moving some inches away from the margin line.

You can decide to skip a line as an indication of starting a new paragraph, and this method makes your work look neat.

Increasing the size of your margin will also increase the length of your essay a great deal.

The margins of a page are usually the spaces left on the sides, the top and the bottom of a page; once you increase the size of your page margin, then definitely the words would have to rearrange and thereby increase the number of pages.


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