Management Information System Assignment

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No enterprise applications existed; programmers painstakingly wrote code to carry out these functions, usually on a mainframe.

These systems were business-critical, meaning a business would fail if it had to go back to manual accounting. The CFO oversaw MIS, ensuring the developers and administrators delivered what accounting needed.

Management information systems improve your decision-making, because they provide information that is accurate, timely, relevant and complete.

Self-checking and cross-checking features in management information systems reduce errors, and IT professionals design the systems to offer a complete picture of a situation or highlight that specific information is missing.

Management information systems can evaluate different possibilities and all you to examine scenarios.

What-if scenarios are a powerful tool that help you decide on the best strategy for the company.

In the 1980s, with the advent of personal computers that ran spreadsheets, the scope of computing's responsibilities began to change.

Personal spreadsheets took business-critical processes out of the domain of upper management; MIS needed to service a wider range of users -- deploying external, as well as internal, software programs.

If the manager needs reference information for a bid or for regulatory purposes, management information systems are a good source.

Decisions are only as valid as the information on which they are based.


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