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Trying marijuana one time is unlikely to cause long-lasting health problems. Children with anxiety disorders may experience panic attacks when they smoke the drug or as marijuana leaves their system. “In [high school] seniors, 5.9 percent of them report regular marijuana use, which is basically daily use. Because they are in school, and they are supposed to be learning and memorizing.

But teen marijuana use has remained consistent for a decade.

The drug’s medical benefits and safety for adults is debatable.

But it’s clear that marijuana use can cause lasting harm to the teen brain, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

And teens have access to more potent marijuana today than their parents had access to in the 1980s and ’90s.

Youth also have access to electronic vaping products and pure THC oils.

“When you are vaping marijuana, you can put almost 100 percent pure THC,” Dr.Many kids try marijuana because they think it’s less harmful than other illicit drugs, such as cocaine or heroin.Less than 12 percent of high school seniors think trying marijuana once or twice will cause a great risk of harm.These marijuana statistics from the 2017 survey include smoking, vaping and eating the drug.Nearly 10 percent of 12th-graders reported that they vaped marijuana in the past year.Nora Volkow, director of NIDA, said during a teleconference attended by Drug “So you are delivering a very, very high dose and therefore are likely to be linked with much worse adverse events than just smoking marijuana.” Edible products, lotions and other forms of marijuana are also available.Volkow said about 16.5 percent of students in states that legalized marijuana consumed marijuana edibles.In comparison, about 8 percent of students in states that haven’t legalized marijuana consumed edibles.Unlike alcohol or cocaine, marijuana overdoses don’t kill people.Parents shouldn’t try to scare teens by exaggerating the drug’s hazards. In general, many teens will try marijuana and never experience major legal or health problems.


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