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The elderly couple, drowned by dissatisfaction inverted their vision away towards the south hoping to find a bargain.South of the fruit-shop was cluttered by typical roaming children who all stood alongside the chocolate nibbling squirrels.

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She broke free, running closer to the divine force which emanated from the Fairy Queen.

She hugged her, asking the Fairy Queen whether she could borrow her wand, which pointed diagonally at the ceiling, for a 'trick'.

They rigorously examined every spot on every strawberry and every blemish on every apple.

Then, during their outrage by the ridiculous prices which were displayed on slippery flags, the man attempted to negotiate the prices with the shop-keeper who, during his serving to other customers, ignored the old man's natter and gave him a smug look.

It repeatedly did this to bully the Ford further up the steep hill to an empty space within the car-park.

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Once the quarrel was over, the cars tried to park with absolute accuracy between the two yellow parking lines in order to prevent any costly collisions.Next in the queue was a youth dressed in under-sized jeans and hair which completely encapsulated his forehead.After an awkward pause of angus-eyeing the choices layered on the table, he skilfully slid his card-like hands inside his fashionably-padded pockets.Even the children watched; surprisingly ceaseless of any discussion.As they scratched against their scalps, trying to comprehend how this 'thing' might work, simultaneously watching customers pick their choices from an array of ordinary everyday fruits and cakes.All this fuss accustomed around a small smart artificial fountain of sprinkling dark-brown chocolate.People behind it advanced in dignified lines, witnessing its other-worldly live view.She then burst into tears, as she glanced at her 'magic' wand; which was seized away by her mother who held it with a firm grip.She then swirled her head, and glanced within the translucent doors of the market opposite of her. A Walk through Seattle's Heart (Pike's Place Market)The strong smell of salt water in the cool, brisk air. The delicious smell of food being freshly prepared, that is indistinguishable because of the all the different foods being cooked in such a close proximity. Horns honking to try and get through the masses of people crowded on the streets. The artistic creations of our city's people on display. Art, in our eyes, and in the eyes of the tourists that purchase them.The blind man on the piano, the crippled man clown.


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